"The Child Achievement Center has been amazing for our family. I found them by a quick Google of NJ and selective mutism. We had gone to so many providers before them and no one could help us. We were desperate and discouraged. Shari booked an afternoon to meet with our daughter and us and she immediately knew how to connect with her. Shari was able to get our daughter talking within 45 min, an amazing feat considering our daughter hadn't talked to her preschool teacher the previous year or twice a week speech therapy for months with another provider. It was absolutely amazing, like a magical key was unlocked and finally someone was able to tell us what was going on and what kind of help would benefit our daughter. We continue to drive 70 min each way for sessions with Shari. She's literally changed our life and helped our daughter so much. We are eternally grateful!"
--Mrs. W

"I brought my son here when all he could say is Ma and Da at 2 1/2. Melissa is incredible and by far the most caring person. She truly looks at your children like family. She has true compassion and understanding for them and makes them feel so comfortable. My son adores her and I am happy to say his delay is no more and I couldn't thank Melissa enough!
--Mrs. C

"For a parent with an autistic child there is no better feeling than the quiet assurance that he/she is in expert hands and seeing how their child makes progress on almost a daily basis. I credit Miss Shari....Finally, we found our therapist, and what a difference it has made!"
--Mrs. S

V____is making exceptional progress. She is talking in short phrases and using a nice volume. She has read 4 books ...   We have also been working on k in all positions of words.... She talked to myself and Mrs. Woods the entire session in my room. Best of all, she was cracking up and belly laughing at our silly jokes.  It was amazing to see.
- V's school speech therapist

My daughter has exhibited the characteristics of selective mutism since starting preschool.  She was in total shut down and after being evaluated by Shari everything has changed for the better.  Shari was able to phone conference with her school to give them strategies to help L___'s anxiety.  With the techniques that she gave the team L___ has grown so much and started participating in school activities.  She has grown socially and academically.  I am so grateful for Shari and what her expertise has given to my daughter.  Without her help I don't know where L___ would be today.
- Alena M.

"We have been going to Child Achievement Center for the past four years.  My son has enjoyed social Social Skills Group, and we love Miss Shara!"
- Nancy N.

"My son has been attending Child Achievement Center for five years, since he was three.  Ms. Shara continues to help my son interact with his peers.  His social skills have increased greatly over this time.  He has become more cooperative, able to listen and react appropriately in social situations, and his speech is much better.  Ms. Shara has been a big help to my son."
- parent of a child in a social skills group

"Child Achievement Center has met the needs of our whole family . . . for speech . . . reading . . . and Kindergarten Enrichment. CAC has truly been instrumental in helping my kids thrive and achieve to their potential. Thank You!"
- Karen F.

"Shari, Melissa, Rachel, We are so grateful for all the things your have done for A____ and E___ since day one..... We couldn't have done it without you." - M. Family

"Thank you so much for your help. J____ will be going to a different school with verbal kids in his classroom." - F.S.

"We took N____ to Children's Specialized Hospital for his follow-up appointment and upon walking in the nurse practitioner stated that she was shocked how far he had come and that he was a different child. She told us she wanted to remove his label." - J.V.

"It has been great to work with Shari. T____ has improved so much over the past 5 months. She has been able to answer any questions I have. My daughter came into speech saying 3-5 words and now has close to 50 words." - Stephanie S.
"Ava has become much more outgoing and a self-starter in all aspects of her life. . . . with much thanks." - Mom, Learning Disabilty Teacher Consultant

"Joshua loves coming to speech. Miss Shari is very patient and caring, and knows how to get an active litte boy to pay attention and learn. His speech has improved exponentially since he began only a few months ago. He is easier to understand and really tries to use his sounds everyday." - Elizabeth C.

"After only a few months with Shari his progress has been great. He's able to communicate more easily, and he doesn't get frustrated trying to tell us what he wants." - Wade O.

"Mark has done so well! He always asks when are we going back to speech! He has gained confidence and uses the tools that he learned in his everyday conversations. We have progressed to only having to come to speech once a month. What an accomplishment! Thanks Melissa and Shari." - Mrs. B.

From a speech-language pathologist and parent of 2 children with delayed speech/language treated at our practice . . .

"Amazing SLP! Interacts at child's level. A very personable, warm and strong advocate for your child as soon as you walk in the door. Staff will go above and beyond for you and your child. MOST IMPORTANT, your child will grow and blossom in a nurturing environment!"

"My son has thrived at the Child Achievement Center. He sees Miss Shari for articulation and Miss Rachel for group speech. He has grown tremendously since he began here. The therapists are dedicated, caring and warm." - Nancy S.

"Thankful doesn't begin to tell you how much I appreciate what you ladies have done for this family. Forever in your debt is more like it."

"...you could see how big a difference you made in D's life....She'll actually say I'm not afraid to talk anymore because Shari taught me not to be!"

"We feel through speech therapy her speech has improved tremendously as well as her self-confidence...."

"Thank you for helping the world to understand me! You are so patient and supportive...."