Specialized Services

Reading Therapy/Reading Tutoring Instruction

"Shari and Darlene not only have helped my son succeed they have been a great sounding board for me! We couldn't have done it without them! Thank you!" Karen F.

We teach ALL struggling readers to read, including students with dyslexia and any developmental disability.  Reading Specialists, speech-language pathologists and special education teachers test and evaluate each student's profile of reading strengths and weaknesses. Specialized instruction includes personalized materials and manipulatives, as well as the following publishers:
Educators Publishing Service
Reading A-Z

PROMPT Therapy

PROMPT Therapy is a multidimension system of teaching articulation and communication skills to children with severe articulation disorders, including apraxia and dysarthria. Some children with both autism spectrum disorders and oral-motor disorders benefit significantly from this therapy, as well.

Social Skills Groups for Children through Teenagers

"Saturday group therapy has been a great success." CAC Parent

"Shari and her staff are wonderful. They work very well with children. Shari, Rachel, and Erica have helped my son tremendously with his speech and social skills. Thanks!!" CAC parent

For the past fifteen years, our highly effective social skills groups have focused on child to child interactions, social cooperation, social language use, and friendship building skills. Our groups provide effective treatment for children with selective mutism/reduced communication in school settings, and children with poor social communication due to autistic spectrum disorders and ADHD.  Muttiple groups are available for different ages, ability levels, and needs.

Specialized Teen "Out and About" Social Skills Group and Teen Social Recreation Club are both available Monday afternoons, offering community based activities such as rock climbing, bowling, sports experiences and restaurant game nights.

Auditory Processing Therapy

Therapy for improving Auditory Processing skills in children with suspected and diagnosed auditory processing disorders includes individualized exercises administered by speech-language pathologists, home-based practice, and computer based programs including "FastForWord" and Earobics.

Selective Mutism Treatment

In the words of a 7-year-old following four months of successful therapy for selective mutism at our practice . . . "I decided to talk to a friend in the hallway. Then, I talked to my friend on the carpet and then it was easy to talk in class."

Shari A. Gross and all our speech-language pathologists are highly experienced in providing effective treatment for selective mutism and communication anxiety, in both group and individual therapy, utilizing a communication confidence approach. Carry-over of newly acquired skills to the child's classroom is an essential component of the therapy.

Augmentative Communication Provision

Extensive research has firmly established that Augmentative Communication sytems develop children's communication skills in all areas.  Child Achievement Center offers online AAC services directly to families.  Your family's IPAD is an excellent platform for your child's customized communication system.  AAC set-up, direct instruction, practice, and family consultation are provided.  When your child is ready for a dedicated AAC device, we offer personalized recommendations and help to obtain funding.

Independent Speech-Language Evaluations for Schools

We provide independent evaluations through school contracts. We also provide independent evaluations via parent and insurance payments.

School Contract Speech-Language Therapy

Contract Services for Speech-Language Therapy are available directly to school districts at all times.