Selective Mutism Treatment

I just told M__'s mom but wanted to also share with you what an AMAZING breakthrough M had today. When she came in this morning she came to my room, and answered 4 questions verbally (1-2 word answers). And then this afternoon I pulled her after lunch and she was an absolute chatterbox! Full conversations, questions, answers, comments, and was even being silly. I could hardly get her to stop talking to go back to class. She even continued to have conversations with me in the hallway, even when we passed a custodian and another student!
Looking forward to continuing to collaborate to help M, so so proud of her!

Grateful to have the opportunity to educate SLP's everywhere about evaluating and treating Selective Mutism.

Child Achievement Center is known throughout the state of New Jersey, as well as nationally, as a center of excellence and experience in the effective treatment of children with “selective mutism”, which occurs when children are not speaking in community environments, most often school.  We provide our patients with therapy which focuses on our “communication confidence” approach.  When necessary, we begin at the simple, interactive and participation levels, and steadily proceed to blowing toys, writing, drawing, sounds, whispers, words, sentences, and conversation. We provide individual as well as group therapy, and “homework” is often provided.  We consult with schools and offer on-site school therapy when feasible.   We carefully identify whether or not a child is displaying additional difficulties that must be incorporated into treatment.

My daughter has exhibited the characteristics of selective mutism since starting preschool.  She was in total shut down and after being evaluated by Shari everything has changed for the better.  Shari was able to phone conference with her school to give them strategies to help Lena's anxiety.  With the techniques that she gave the team Lena has grown so much and started participating in school activities.  She has grown socially and academically.  I am so grateful for Shari and what her expertise has given to my daughter.  Without her help I don't know where Lena would be today.- Alena M.

Child Achievement Center continues to provide workshops on the treatment of selective mutism at professional conferences and schools.  Please click our blog below for more information:

Selective Mutism

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