Selective Mutism Treatment

Child Achievement Center is known throughout the state of New Jersey, as well as nationally, as a center of excellence and experience in the effective treatment of children with “selective mutism”, which occurs when children are not speaking in community environments, most often school.  We provide our patients with therapy which focuses on our “communication confidence” approach.  When necessary, we begin at the simple, interactive and participation levels, and steadily proceed to blowing toys, writing, drawing, sounds, whispers, words, sentences, and conversation. We provide individual as well as group therapy, and “homework” is often provided.  We consult with schools and offer on-site school therapy when feasible.   We carefully identify whether or not a child is displaying additional difficulties that must be incorporated into treatment.  

Child Achievement Center continues to provide workshops on the treatment of selective mutism at professional conferences and schools.

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Selective Mutism

How we treat selective mutism